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REVIEW: Dana Fuchs “Borrowed Time”


Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time

In the last few decades, there’s been a proliferation of excellent female blues-rock artists. The list is impressively long but one Dana Fuchs (lead vocals, tambourine) is on that list. She possesses a striking voice & her entire showcase is versatile, evocative & tight.

Born in NJ & raised in Florida the throaty singer channels Janis Joplin, the swagger of Mick Jagger’s vocalizing though there’s no posturing. The young lady is already seasoned as a singer & she’s authentic.

These new selections are rootsy with a tint of Rolling Stones rock sound. Produced by Bobby Harlow & Kenny Tudrick (electric & acoustic guitar) the 12-tracks cover lots of ground. I know she’s going to remind me of other blues-rock singers, but I’ll refrain from too many comparisons. The PR states she was revisiting her Southern rock roots, but the LP was recorded in Croswell, Michigan. Not exactly a blues hub. Let the contractions begin. Just kidding. Doesn’t matter so long as the blues rock is embedded in your soul & Fuchs has a full tank.

Dana Fuchs

The 51-minute CD Borrowed Time (Drops April 29– Ruf Records) is guitar-driven & what sets Fuchs apart from most modern-thorny rural blues singers is that she incorporates soul into her propulsion. Fuchs, like Elvis Presley, absorbed lots of southern church music. This is where a young singer begins their education. Dana Fuchs graduated.

While past LPs explored more personal formats Fuchs now focuses on more ambitious paths, other people’s stories, struggles, viewpoints, & the influence of the pandemic — rolled up into what the blues is supposed to depict. The “no going back to normal” scenario should be a little more optimistic from a blues belter. You know, maintain the recipe that “I know you don’t love me anymore, but you’ll come running back to me someday,” feel. Well, just a little.

We’re not going to solve the world’s problems singing. It just pacifies us as we live on “borrowed time” which we do anyway. Nothing lasts forever. But Ms. Fuchs does shape her material into powerful messages & therein lies her artistry. With “Double Down on Wrong,” Dana unleashes her Rolling Stones meets Janis Joplin gourmet blend. Scorching throughout. To sing with that intensity & not go over into showboat land is admirable.

“Blue Mist Road,” & “Borrowed Time” both are swampy with Steve Earle barbecue sauce on your fingers. Quite nice with its aggressive lead guitar. Dana straddles a smooth Bonnie Raitt blues blanket & Joplin’s heady growl adeptly. “Lonely Lie,” is impressive since Fuchs sings it like a barroom 1920s blues chanteuse. Slow, & with weary harmonica. The song breathes. Nicely rendered.

The band: Jon Diamond (electric/acoustic guitars, harmonica, backing vocals), Jordan Champion (keys), Jack Daley (bass) & Todd Glass (drums).

The CD’s a laminated color 6-panel. Color image: Kevin Mackall. CD available @ https://www.danafuchs.com/news/2022/3/11/dana-fuchs-new-album-borrowed-time

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