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Video Premiere: Best Breakfast “Shapeshifter”

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Best Breakfast — “Shapeshifter”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of Best Breakfast‘s song “Shapeshifter,” from their forthcoming album, Clap If You Can due June 17. The song will be available on April 26.  Clap If You Can was produced and mixed by Ian Romer; mastered by Sarah Register; with album artwork courtesy of Cole de Brito.  

“Shapeshifter” is Ian Romer on bass, keyboard and vocals;  Ben Majest on guitar and vocals; and Chris Parker on guitars.   

Looking in the mirror, and with lines like “It’s often hard, hard to play this game/ When I go out at night, I still feel this / Asking all of the tough questions/ the answers elude me” Best Breakfast is an mixture of indie music and soul searching lyrics.  

“Shapeshifter” is a song about life being a giant performance. The lyrics ‘it’s often hard, hard to play this game’ – that’s what they’re getting at. There’s the sense that meeting expectations can be taxing but shirking them is not okay either. Very rock-and-roll, I know! The video where I literally “shapeshift” gets at that idea in this fun, really abstract way. – Ben Majest

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