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Show Review: Keb’ Mo’ at the Blue Note in Hawaii

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Keb' Mo'

Keb Mo’, Blue Note Hawaii, March, 27, 2022

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Keb’ Mo’ is no stranger to Hawaii. In recent years he has played regularly in the Islands. During this most recent visit to Hawaii the bluesman played three consecutive nights at The Blue Note Hawaii in Honolulu.

Keb’ Mo’s career stretches back to the early seventies when he played guitar with Jefferson Airplane violinist Papa John Creach. The singer, guitarist, and songwriter who originated from California, now calls Nashville home. The blues roots master has released nineteen albums. Twelve albums have been nominated for Grammys and five times Keb’ Mo’ has taken home this award. He is currently touring and promoting his latest release Good to Be…

Many musicians playing the Blue Note Hawaii will play two separate ticketed sets each night. These sets are often shortened due to time constraints. On these dates, Keb’ Mo’ and his entire band (Casey Wasner – drums, Kevin So – piano, Dane Farnsworth – organ/keys, and Antjuan Johnson – bass) played a single set each night which allowed the audience to enjoy a full uninterrupted performance.

Keb' Mo'

On the final night, dressed in a white t-shirt, gray pin striped vest, blue denim jeans, and his classic stingy brim fedora hat, Mo’ and his band walked onstage in front of a sold out audience.

With a smile and nod to acknowledge the crowd, the band went directly into “Government Cheese,” and “Perpetual Blues Machine.” The band then played four tracks off of the latest release: “‘62 Chevy,” “All Dressed Up,” “Medicine Man,” and “Good To Be (Home Again).” By the time Keb’ Mo’ started “Life Is Beautiful,” it was obvious he had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Throughout the night Keb’ Mo’ rotated his guitars. The blues roots master began with his red Hamer guitar, switching to his signature Gibson Bluesmaster acoustic, and finally played slide on the National Reso Rocket. Throughout the night Keb’ Mo’ also engaged the audience, cracking jokes, and created a relaxed atmosphere as if we were old friends. Foregoing leaving the stage, the class act musician went directly into his encores, which included “She Dance” and “Better Man.”

At the conclusion, the audience rewarded him with a standing ovation.

Keb Mo’ will be touring California through April and in May will be playing throughout Europe.

Government Cheese, Perpetual Blues, ‘62 Chevy, All Dressed Up, Medicine Man, Good To Be (Home Again), Life Is Beautiful, Suitcase, Am I Wrong, That’s Not Love, Henry, I Remember You, Sunny and Warm, Dangerous Mood, The Worst Is Yet To Come, Encores: She Dance, Better Man

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