Song Premiere: Smith/McKay All Day “Off Gassing”

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Smith/McKay back cover

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Smith/McKay All Day’s song “Off Gassing” from their forthcoming album On the Smile Side. The album was recorded and mixed at Sound Rich Productions in Missoula, Montana by Mathew Bainton; and it was mastered by Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering in Longmont, Colorado.

This is Jimmy Smith, co-founder of the Gourds with Kevin Russell, in the partnership duo with Pat McKay that formed in recent years.

“Off Gassing” is Jimmy Smith on vocals, bass, and drums; Pat McKay on vocals and guitar; Charlie Hopkins on harmonica; and Mathew Bainton on congas.  This song is acoustic guitars held together with harmonica and congas.  The lyrics are rolling good fun, for example, “He’s hitting Cheech and I’m rolling Chong.”  There’s a light spiritedness to Smith/McKay All Day’s showmanship and style that’s sorely needed right now.  Listen and appreciate the sentiment.

This is an older melody that l recycled. Huffing new shower curtain fumes is hazardous. Causes nausea, dizziness, delirium. Air that shit out. Then we can get it on the rings and rod, Todd. Grab a shower. Wash off my smell. — Jimmy Smith

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