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Song Premiere and Interview: Drew Angus “Wrecking Ball”

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Drew Angus photo by Daniel Recinos

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Drew Angus’ song “Wrecking Ball,” from his forthcoming EP called You & Me, due out on April 29.   The album was produced by Mikhail Pivovarov, and recorded at Carriage House Studios in Stamford and Black Rock Studios in Bridgeport, CT

“Wrecking Ball” is Drew Angus on vocals and guitars; Mikhail Pivovarov on bass; Ryan Hommel and Billy Ruegger on guitars; Kris Yunker on keys and organ; and Jordan Rose on drums.

The song was co-written by Angus and Neil Herman.

We had a brief chat with Drew Angus.  The song premiere appears just beneath the interview.

Americana Highways: You talked about this song being about your childhood home getting torn down. Not to ask you to relive the moment, but how did that make you feel?

Drew Angus: Crushed! Houses sure come down faster than they go up and it doesn’t feel real until you can’t walk through the front door, or hear the sound of the garage door opening ever again.

AH: What was the recording process like for this song? Did it get fleshed out in the studio, or did you have it all mapped out beforehand?

DA: I’ve been playing this song for years, and started writing it on the piano that was in the house. I finished “Wrecking Ball” with my Co-writer Neil Herman. Recordings never really captured the feeling I was hoping for until my band and I played it on a livestream during the pandemic. I was on electric with a tube screamer and a fender amp that was just a touch to crunchy, I’d sped the song up a few clicks from the original and told my drummer to sit in the pocket right from the start instead of waiting until the second verse. I wanted listeners to feel the groove right from the start and drive and build until you can feel the house getting smashed to bits. On the main studio day with everyone in the room, the energy was electric. We got what I was looking for very quickly. There was a lot of magic in the room that day.

AH: Why do you think our memories are so wrapped up in locations or places?

DA: Our surroundings play a big role in the coding of memories; it’s a sensory thing I think. I’ve always been drawn to sounds and smells, textures, and colors and for me they bring me right back to a moment in time. We often spend so much time in places like a home that it would be impossible to not have memories wrapped up in them. I’m sitting in a hotel room on the road today but I can still hear the sound of the broken tile in the front hall next to the closet clicking when anyone stepped on it.

AH: You’ve had a pretty interesting career, from appearing on American Idol to sharing stages with people like Harry Styles. What advice would you give artists just starting out?

DA: Write a lot of songs, and then write some more. Make lots of friends and network. Get out and play. Post reels and TikToks. Collaborate. And don’t forget to take care of yourself.

AH: What’s next for you, any shows in 2022?

DA: I have two EP’s coming out this year and some tour routing coming together. And I’m very excited to be on the bill at Sound on Sound, a new festival in Connecticut in September with Stevie Nicks, Dave Matthews, The National and a whole slew of incredible artists!

This song is a gentle testament to what makes a home, and what happens when the physical part is gone, and all that’s left are a few mementos and memories.  Drew Angus really brings up some depth.

Find more information here: http://www.drewangus.com

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