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Song Premiere: Couldn’t Be Happiers “Frankie Silver (Take it to the Grave”)

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Couldn’t Be Happiers’ song “Frankie Silver (Take it to the Grave).” The song was written by Jordan Crosby Lee and Jodi Hildebran Lee. The song is part of their forthcoming EP Songs For Butchie Vol. III.  The album was produced by Doug Davis and mastered by Anand Gan and is part of a trilogy.  Check out part of the earlier volume here: Song Premiere: Couldn’t Be Happiers “Treehouse”

“Frankie Silver (Take it to the Grave)” is Jordan Crosby Lee on guitar and vocals; Jodi Hildebran Lee on vocals;  Doug Davis on bass; and Corky McClellan on drums; and features The Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs (Zack Harding on banjo; Kendra Harding on vocals).

Couldn’t Be Happiers make timeless mountain country music, telling dark tales just like the classic tradition did. Sample this one and then check out their EP trilogy too.

This song is our telling of the story of Frankie Silver, who was hanged for the alleged ax murder of her husband, Charlie. She was tried and convicted by an all-male jury.  Some say she killed him out of self-defense because he was abusive. Some say she did it out of jealousy over another woman. The story goes that as she was standing on the gallows, she opened her mouth to speak, and someone yelled out, “Die with it in you, Frankie!” While we may never know what happened, we’ll pass the mystery down through song in the great Appalachian tradition.  — Couldn’t Be Happiers

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