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Song Premiere: Davis John Patton “A Killer (or At Least Self-Centered)”

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Davis John Patton — “A Killer (or At Least Self-Centered)”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Davis John Patton’s song “A Killer (or At Least Self-Centered),” from his forthcoming album.  The song was produced by Davis John Patton, mixed by Chris Bethea, and mastered by Joe Causey (Voyager Mastering).

“A Killer (or At Least Self-Centered)” is Davis Patton on guitar, piano, synth, and vocals; and Patrick Riley on strings.  Davis John Patton has stepped up the songwriting on this one.  Produced in a hushed style that draws you to listen, the song turns the tables on your expectations on the most central of life’s questions. 

I don’t want to overstate it, but “A Killer (or At Least Self-Centered)” feels like the culmination of my songwriting up to this point. I’ve often written lyrics full of questions; this album specifically is full of existential ponderings. Both of these themes are at the very center of “A Killer,” which lyrically confronts the most existential realization of them all: life is short, and death is certain. The song concludes with the question: what hope do we have if this is true?

The lyrics were originally written as confronting my life and death. But at some point in the production process, I ended up turning the tables on the listener, confronting their life and death instead. Albeit a bit strange, it felt right to finally turn the existentialism toward the listener. While I do enjoy the way the song leaves the closing question unanswered, the album will include a postscript for “A Killer” that features the original lyrics and the way I would answer the question: What is my only comfort in life and death? — Davis John Patton

Order and pre-save the music here:  https://davisjohnpatton.ffm.to/akiller

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