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REVIEW: Teddy Grossman “Soon Come”


Teddy Grossman – Soon Come (Self-Released)

A refugee of Corporate America, Teddy Grossman didn’t figuratively (and I’m assuming literally) shed the suit and tie until he moved to Los Angeles, where inspired by his new community he got to work recording Soon Come, his solo debut. Just three tracks into the Soul/Americana hybrid it’s hard to believe Grossman ever considered doing anything else with his life.

Across 11 tracks – and one brief prelude – Grossman turns in a beautifully satisfying record that is emotionally tough at times but unapologetically joyful elsewhere. He cites both The Band and Stevie Wonder as early musical influences, but you can also hear snatches of everyone from the Doobie Brothers and Hall & Oates to Loggins and Messina.

The slow burn of “Leave It All On the Line 98,” the first song on the album, is worth the price of the record alone, spotlighting Grossman’s impressively emotive vocals, while “Power In the Pain,” highlights his lyrically prowess singing about the reality of climate disasters and building walls, but people still manage to come together through the pain to force change, delivered with heartbreaking earnestness over staccato-ed trumpets; an affective tune no matter how cynical you may think you are. The same can be said, on a much more personal level, on the sweet “What I Own.”

“I’m finally feeling like I’m right where I’m supposed to be,” said Grossman recently. “I need to be able to look back at my life and say I gave it a real go.” Corporate America may have lost another worker, but the music world has gained another deeply talented musician with an impressive debut to back up his dream.

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Find his music here: https://ffm.to/sooncome

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