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Song Premiere: Evan Barber “Tape”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Evan Barber’s song “Tape,” from his forthcoming album, Until The Thunder, due out April 22. Until the Thunder was engineered by Ambrose Lockerman; and produced by Ambrose Lockerman, Evan Barber, and Bobby Morrison. 

Musicians on the album are Evan Barber on guitar and vocals; Bobby Morrison on drums, guitar, banjo, and ukulele; Hannah Morrison on vocals; Anthony Valentine on bass; Ambrose Lockerman on organ and vocals; and Bill Brown on piano.

The song kicks off with an easy tempo and casual banjo, setting the perfect tone for a chance meeting and shared moments.  It’ll move you. 

This song is about finding temporary love out on the road and the fact that no matter how strong those connections may feel, each party is reminded that it’s only temporary and how that plays out for either side.

It’s been a while since I last put out a record, and I’m excited to have new music to share with the world after all these years. I’ve had plenty of songs and continued playing live since the last release, but it’s been a tedious process to get everybody lined up to record, especially when I don’t live somewhere like Nashville with a built-in music infrastructure. Ironically, during the first year of the pandemic, things were slow, we obviously weren’t touring, and everybody’s schedules were relaxed. This isn’t a ‘pandemic album’ but things just worked out that way.

Normally when I record, I have my songs and my guys, and it’s pretty much ‘okay, here’s how it goes.’ We’ve played them live for months, so everybody has decided on a part on how they’re going to play it and all those little details. So with what became Until The Thunder, I had less of a definitive idea of what I wanted it to sound like going in, but I had some guys I really trusted. For me, this album feels like the most honest representation to-date of what I do (or at least what I think I do).


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  1. This was an absolute joy to be a part of creating! I am excited to hear these songs in regular rotation real soon. Love the song “Tape” you released first.

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