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Song Premiere: Jamie Collins “Just a Little Love”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jamie Collin’s’ song “Just a Little Love,” set to be released on February 14, 2022.

“Just a Little Love” is the debut single from Jamie Collins and Friends’ upcoming album, Enjoy Life, due to be available later this year. The single was recorded in Cana, Virginia, at Josh Pickett’s Creek Side Studio.  It was mixed and mastered by Eddie Day and produced by Martha Spencer and Jamie Collins.

“Just a Little Love” was written by Mason Winfree and Mason Via (of Old Crow Medicine Show), and features Jamie Collins on lead vocals, bass, and feet, Martha Spencer on guitar, vocals and feet, Brett Morris on clawhammer banjo, and feet, and Mason Winfree on the autoharp.

Note that Jamie Collins, Martha Spencer, and Brett Morris make up a trio called The Blue Ridge Girls that are also set to release an album later this year.

Yes there is a sea of music to choose from out there, but yes, this one is a very high quality choice.  Whimsical music in the Carter Family style, this is timeless and catchy.  “Just a little kiss, and hug, a little turtle dove can pull you out of the blue,” with pretty harmonies and old-timey acoustics.  

I wanted to include this wholesome song on my album, Enjoy Life because the words speak of both blessings and hardships that we all experience, and like the song tells us: ‘just a little love can get you through.’ This song features musicians that are dear to me in my life, and it is a small taste of what the entire album has to offer with over 20 renowned musicians from the Appalachian region on both original and traditional recordings. I was motivated to create this project because I feel so blessed to have music in my life, and so many wonderful musicians to play with. I want to leave something behind that may inspire someone else. When collaborating with Martha, Brett, and recording engineer, Eddie Day, on this song, we knew we wanted the ‘Carter Family sound.’ We decided to arrange the song as a progressive listening experience. The recording begins with simply voice, guitar, and autoharp (like the Carter Family style). The footwork progresses as well. When you listen, you will hear that it begins with a stomp (myself), a swish stomp (Brett), and then a syncopated skip (Martha). All three Blue Ridge Girls put the sound of feet moving to this track and to me that is symbolic of our ambitions and collaboration. Martha suggested that we add some percussive stomps. I felt this was a wonderful idea because the music that we play is so deeply rooted in community jams and dances. The music that we play and sing as musicians is more than just playing music; it is about community and building friendships that last a lifetime and carry on into future generations. I hope you enjoy this single! — Jamie Collins



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  1. Jamie, Martha and Brett are some of the best to hit the scene recently. Thanks for the music, ladies.

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