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REVIEW: Sam Weber “Get Free” 


Sam Weber —  Get Free

Canadian singer songwriter Sam Weber’s latest album, Get Free, released Feb. 4, on Sonic Unyon, is packed with emotional songwriting and ethereal songs, with the lyrics of a troubadour who has seen a lot in his 28 years, with depth packed into each line. 

Weber first picked up a guitar at age 12 to form a rock ’n’ roll band with his father and brother so it’s not surprising that he sounds like an old soul at the young age of 28. 

You’ll hear hints of jazz, pop, reggae, and folk in this collection of songs Weber recorded with his partner Mallory Hauser and their friend Danny Austin-Manning in their Hollywood apartment.

Opening track, “Truth or Lie,” features melodic strumming that feels like the lapping of waves on shore, and tight lyrics about how life reveals itself.   

“Wading through the bullshit everyday really is the hardest thing 

Damn if hasn’t given me some real swell lines to sing…”

“It all comes to light, truth or lie…” 

“Get Out of the Game,” is about quitting everything and starting over, said Weber, but it makes for a great driving song with lyrics that make you long for the road and someone you love to travel with. 

“Don’t Cry for Me,” has jazz undertones, with piano and the melody of a famous sax standard from recording of Weber’s father, renowned Canadian architect Bill Weber, who died in June 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

Each track features a different influence as the trio moves from folk, to jazz, to experimental and ethereal. 

“Survival” is eclectic and percussive heavy, with gritty storytelling. “Nowhere Bound,” is a lonely-sounding piano ballad. “Everyone,” has a soft reggae beat. 

“Streets of LA,” is ethereal. Sit back, relax, and let it take you on a journey.  

Get Free was produced by Hauser and Weber, mixed by Grammy-nominated engineer Robbie Lackritz and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova. Guitar by Mallory Hauser and Sam Weber. Piano by Sam Weber. Drums by Danny Austin-Manning. Background vocals by Marshall Wildman, Jacob Weil, Madison Cunningham. Percussion on “Get Out of the Game” and “Truth or Lie” by Griffin Goldsmith. Horns on “Here’s to the Future,” Henry Solomon. Slide Guitar on “Streets of LA,” by Tejas Leier-Heyden

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