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Song Premiere: Heather Sarona “Don’t Want to Let it Go”

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Heather Sarona — “Don’t Want To Let It Go”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Heather Sarona’s song “Don’t Want To Let It Go,” from her forthcoming album Head Above Water, due to be available on January 28. The album was produce by Heather Sarona and Jerry Brown, engineered and mastered by Jerry Brown.

“Don’t Want To Let It Go” is Heather Sarona on vocals, guitar and harmonies; Andrew Marlin (Watchhouse) on mandolin; Marcel Ardans on guitar; Hank Smith on banjo; and Alex Bingham on bass.

Heather Sarona sings (and plays) emphatic love songs in a punctuated bluegrass style, and surrounds herself with a wonderful accompaniment of musicians, all taking turns tingling your spine. This one in particular really carries you back to the front porch and the country fields of spring.

I wrote this song about moving to that next step in love, when things go from being easy all the time to being more complicated. Every relationship comes to that juncture, and we have to decide whether we want to move on or let it go. Staying with a maturing love is an uphill journey. Love keeps growing and changing, and we grow and change with it if we decide we don’t want to let it go. — Heather Sarona

Find more information here: https://heathersarona.com

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