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Video Premiere: Terry Family “Fire in the Wind”

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Terry Family — “Fire in the Wind”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of the Terry Family’s song “Fire in the Wind,” from their new album Hometown Tragedies.  Hometown Tragedies was produced, mixed and mastered by Graham Terry.

Musicians on the song are Jim Terry (songwriter) on acoustic guitar and vocals;  Clark Terry on mandolin, bouzouki and vocals;  Graham Terry on acoustic guitar, violin, electric guitar, and vocals; and Rob Wright on bass.

The video was produced by Robinson Kuntz. The fire photo was taken by Tim Carl. On the song in the video, musicians are Jim Terry on vocals and rhythm guitar, Graham Terry on lead acoustic and porch board, and Clark Terry on mandolin.

This is a true-story song of a fire surrounding a town and the family’s home, when there really was “fire in the wind.”  5,000 homes were lost.  This song will leave your heart racing, despite the cathartic and calming effect of the music.

The video takes place in the living-room of our family home a month after The Atlas Fire threatened to destroy it. The photo that fades in near the end is a shot of the actual fire, terrifyingly dazzling. There but for fortune, our home still stands. Five thousand other homes were lost. — Jim Terry

Find the music here: https://terryfamilyband.bandcamp.com/album/hometown-tragedies

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