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Song Premiere: Doug Schmude “It Takes a Little Faith”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Doug Schmude’s song “It Takes a Little Faith,” from his forthcoming album One Shy of a Six Pack, due to be available on January 28. The album was produced and mixed by Doug Schmude; recorded at The Old Mill in Irvine, CA; and mastered by Jason Deift.

Musicians on the album are Doug Schmude on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Weissenborn, dobro, lap steel and bass; Brandon Allen on drums; George Mason on fiddle; and Chordy Teagle on backing vocals and organ on this song. (Backing vocals on another song “We Won’t Live Forever,” are Johnny Barthelmass, Bobbo Byrnes and Jen Moraca.

“It Takes a Little Faith” is such a relatable mantra and this song hits the nail on the head with a nice rock ‘n roll build-up and a power lift-off.

Some songs follow the 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration rule and some pretty much just fall straight from the ether and out of your guitar. It Takes a little faith is the latter. I am not really sure if it is just what I needed to believe in the middle of the pandemic or what. But this one came out pretty quick and seems to be resonating with folks so far as I play it live. — Doug Schmude

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