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REVIEW: Christian Simeon “Black Unicorn”


Christian Simeon has just released a 6 song EP, Black Unicorn, which was recorded at the Beatrice; produced by Riley Warsham; engineered by Chris Bateman; and mixed by Tom Almond. It was mastered by Gillman Mastering.  Musicians on the project in addition to Christian Simeon are Ray L. on additional guitars; Dave Easley on pedal steel; and additional vocals by LT Thomas and Geminii Dragon.

This EP pushes the boundaries of music genre-bending and is well worth a listen. There are strong beats and countrified embellishments. And an earnest vocal tone devoid of twang, but full of down home honesty. And yet the songwriting has layers of depth and dimension in broad strokes.

“Burn” is a driving song about a crush on the wrong woman, with an infectious beat.

“Red Flags” has heavy electric guitars and lyrically continues the struggle with relationship red flags. 

“Liar Cheater” has slide guitar and, as the title suggests, addresses the cheating liar in a cathartic, catchy way. 

Finally, there is “Get Gone,” and then “The End,” for this concept album about what happens from warning bell to the relationship’s finale. 

“Black Unicorn” is a term for a black man who has committed to act with integrity, according to Christian Simeon’s website. In an era where the #metoo movement has fortunately gained strength, there are bound to be those who abuse the concept in a way that hurts some innocent men, and it is this what motivates Simeon’s songs here.  This album seeks to redeem an honorable man who’s been mistreated in the hands of an unfair woman.

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