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REVIEW: Gary Hector “National Trash”


Gary Hector — National Trash

This is a intriguing undiscovered gem of an album by Gary Hector from Trinidad and Tobago.  National Trash was produced and mixed by Sean Adrian Bartholomew (Shawnee, Kansas); recorded and mastered by Martin Mice Raymond at Champion Sounds Studio (St. Anns, Trinidad) with additional recording by John Heinrich at Heinrich Maneuver Productions (Nashville).

The album photography was taken by Abigail Hadeed of Splice Studios ( with design by Nicholas Huggins (

Musicians on the album are Gary Hector on guitar, vocals, and tambourine; John Heinrich on pedal steel and Nikki Nelson Welcher on vocals.

Album opener “Today I Ride Alone” is catchy songwriting with effective and authentic arrangements including the pedal steel winding around the lyrics. Everyone can relate to the lone rider.  “Song and Dance Man” traces a story of a certain world weariness and a desire to shrug off pressures and be free. “21” grounds the album in a song of longing and the sorrow of endings.

“Former Gang Leader” highlights misunderstandings and releasing of cycles of resentment, and pretty harmonies on this one. “The Streets of San Fernando” offer shuffling beats and ideas of anonymity.  “Just drop me off on Jones Street.”

The title track addresses some social idiosyncrasies.  “Baby, This One’s For You” is a uplifting lovesong of loyalty and anticipation.

“Mercy Me” is a pretty, inspirational song.  “When was the last time you cried?”

Gary Hector’s name was on early voting lists for Grammy nominations this year.  With some more support and development there’s every indication he’s definitely going places fast.

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  1. Love this album. Haven’t heard anything like it. Mixing Trini and Country so seamlessly to the point that you don’t realize that it’s a brand new genre you’re listening to.

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