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Video Premiere: Nineteen Hand Horse “Solstice With the Mostest”

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Nineteen Hand Horse — “Solstice With the Mostest”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Nineteen Hand Horse’s song “Solstice With the Mostest.”  “Solstice With the Mostest” is Nathalie Archangel on vocals, Mark Montijo on vocals and guitar, James Jae-E Earley on keyboards, Brad Sears on guitar, Holly Warburton on drums and Jack Coakley on bass.

The video was directed by Dwayne Soriano.  ‘Tis the season for holiday music, and this one by Nineteen Hand Horse is a fun one full of festive reminders of the sunnier side of life to carry you through the dark winter turnaround.  The video will have you pouring champagne with a smile and looking forward to New Year’s Eve.   Have a toast and a solstice with the mostest, courtesy of Nineteen Hand Horse!

Solstice is the longest night of the year for us Northern Hemisphere folks” quips Nathalie Archangel, the darkly clever lead singer of Nineteen Hand Horse. “You couple that with the unending darkness of the past two years and we thought the world could use something a little light, festive and fun before we face whatever the New Year has in store!” “Yes,” agrees tuxedoed Cowboy Dr. Mark Montijo, co- lead singer and guitar player. “Solstice is loose Latin for ‘The Sun Stands Still’ – which inexplicably puts me in a Dean Martin mood.” “And me somewhere between Doris Day and a Mid-Century Post War Hostess,” adds Nathalie. She continues: “The video was incredibly fun to shoot at one of our favorite spots, Toot’s Tavern in Crockett, California, and was directed by Dwayne Soriano. We collaborated on a beautiful celebration of light theme for the stage and are proud to feature our co-producer and multi- instrumentalist James Jae-E Earley on keyboards as well as our sterling new rhythm section: Holly Warburton on drums and percussion and Jack Coakley on bass. The fabulous Brad Sears returns on guitar.” “The new lineup is stellar,” says Mark, “and we are currently working on the follow up album to Revel, which will release next Spring. Until then, we wish everyone a “Solstice with the Mostest!’ 

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