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Video Premiere: Zach Churchill “The Making of ‘Bartender'”

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Zach Churchill — “The Making of ‘Bartender'”

Americana Highways presents this video premiere of “The Making of ‘Bartender'”; a mini documentary on the background for Zach Churchill’s song “Bartender.”

The song was written by Zach Churchill and Julian Coryell, who also produced and played on the track. The song also includes Stevie Blacke on strings and Eva B. Ross on backing vocals to complete the sound. The video is a A GROW VISION production.  Churchill has a spellbinder of a frightening story behind this song and the hero bartender who saved his life.  The video will keep you riveted and the song will too.  This song is a raw, heroic venture in vulnerability.

In 2014, I overdosed on heroin at a bar after performing there. The bar manager was getting ready to leave as well when he saw the lights still on in the bathroom. He went to turn them off, but the door was locked. He got a key from the back office and returned to find me on the bathroom floor, dying. He called the paramedics and they got me to the ER in time to intubate me, put me in an induced coma, and start to clear my lungs of fluid. I entered treatment in Laguna Beach and on my first day there I found a guitar and wrote a song to the bartender who saved my life. If he had just gone home that night without checking the bathroom I wouldn’t be here today. — Zach Churchill

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