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Video Premiere: Dana Cooper “Always Old Friends”

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Dana Cooper — “Always Old Friends” 

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Dana Cooper’s song “Always Old Friends,”
from his forthcoming album I Can Face The Truth, due to be available on February 18th.

I Can Face The Truth was produced by Dave Coleman, Robert Weingartz, and Cooper. Musicians on “Always Old Friends” are Dave Coleman on bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, and keyboards; Dana Cooper on acoustic guitar and vocals; and David Starr and Jonell Mosser on vocals.

How do you define a good friend?  How about an old friend?  Dana Cooper writes songs in the old country style, with sincerity and a degree of frankness.  “Always Old Friends” will warm your heart and have you reaching for the phone to get together with your new, and old, old friends.

This video of my new single, “Always Old Friends,” is an inspiring look at the power and journey of friendship. Filmed in the arroyos at Frank Ortiz Dog Park in Santa Fe, NM, in the hills and fields surrounding Nashville, TN, and along some of my travels on the road. Produced and edited by the creative duo Duende Vision. — Dana Cooper

Find and listen to the music here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5eL3VVAmYhkgEiepVsnM28?si=EfrNoXrxRMi-1Bxumm0OQw


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