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Album Premiere: Josh King “Feel Good”

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Josh King — Feel Good

Americana Highways brings you this album premiere of Josh King’s Feel Good, due to be released on November 5.  Musicians on the album are King on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and bass; Joel Kiser on electric guitar; Jack Foster and Eddie Walker on drums; Julian Sizemore on keys and orchestral production.

In that contemporary edge of Americana music that crosses into the dreamland of harmonies, Josh King resides.  With bright and shiny layers King deploys his riveting skills, especially on the piano. He winds imagery around the recesses of your mind and touches on elements combining a style like Tom Petty with a splash of relaxed Pink Floyd. It’ll pull you inside the feelings without your ever noticing it’s happened.  If you like his album The Shed, you’ll love this one even more, for different reasons.

This album contains the good, the bad, and the ugly that I experienced over the last two years. From crippling anxiety and the death of a close friend to the love I have for my wife and the joy of being a father were some of the extremes in my reality. I’m thankful for the resources and friends that I had to help me make this record. It helped me through a difficult time and I hope it can do the same for anyone else in need. — Josh King

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