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Show Review: Gary Clark Jr 11/1

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Gary Clark Jr — Portland Theatre in Maine, November 1, 2021

Gary Clark Jr

How do you fill the majestically renovated State Theatre in Portland, Maine to full capacity on a Monday Night? You book Gary Clark Jr., that’s how. It was refreshing and encouraging to see the mostly mid-twenty to thirty somethings pack the house and be exposed to see what basically are new interpretations of classic blues, jazz, soul, and reggae mixed in with Clark Jr. originals written in the same vein sprinkled in.

Clark Jr. was in top form and his eighty five minute show followed by a 10 minute standing ovation and then ending with a four song twenty minute encore showed the mutual appreciation of artist and crowd.

Gary Clark Jr

Clark Jr., his guitars, talent, and his interpretations of the previously mentioned genres were seamless, aggressive, and unique to Clark Jr. that only he could have pulled off. His sound is his sound, period, and it was enthusiastically embraced by the crowd and Clark Jr. didn’t hold anything back in giving the fans what they wanted.

You couldn’t even call it a show. What you could call it was, a mesmerizing, musical, almost out of body experience for both the listener and the artist. 

As fans well know, his recent album, This Land, has been out for awhile, after having won 3 GRAMMY awards.  Can’t wait to listen his new album in the works!

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Gary Clark Jr

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