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Album Premiere: H. R. Gertner “Giving In and Giving Up”

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H. R. Gertner — Giving In and Giving Up

Americana Highways presents this premiere stream of H.R. Gertner’s new album Giving In and Giving Up, due to be available on all streaming platforms on October 15.

All songs on the album were written by H.R.Gertner

Giving In and Giving Up was produced by David Kennedy and H.R.Gertner; recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Kennedy at Riverbottom Studios and Asylum Sound in Gainesville, GA.

Musicians on the album are H.R.Gertner on vocals, acoustic guitar, Nashville guitar, and mandolin;
David Kennedy on banjo, dobro, lap steel, electric guitar, synth, 12-string electric guitar, drums, percussion, bass (tracks 3,4, 5), electric banjo, organ, and theremin; and Dave Tunkel on bass.

Gertner combines an earnest vocal tone and serious messages with catchy slide and Americana musical arrangements that at times ventures into the atmospheric.  In “Them Pretty Lights Downtown,” the pedal steel supplies the hook for Gertner’s low vocal tones in a song about the one you can’t forget.  “Pink Flamingos” is a song about the little mundanities and hanging on through the tough spots.  In “Let Me Down,” Gertner chronicles surviving disappointment with the swirl of lap steel and jangly acoustics with a penetrating rhythm.   The album brightens with the banjo and light spirit of “Everybody’s Crazy But You and Me,” which has a bluegrass swing. In “Broken Canyon,” you hear the frailty and human angst of a hurting human soul.  Keep listening and save the album for when you need cathartic companionship.

Giving In & Giving Up represents the most professional recording I have accomplished yet – it leaves me embarrassed by some of what I’ve released on the world in the past if I’m being completely honest. The production is high quality as is the songwriting and performances; plus, I’ve embraced my baritone fully finally – all of which greatly benefits the end result.  — H. R. Gertner

Get the music here: https://hrgertner.bandcamp.com/album/giving-in-giving-up or here:

Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/41H07FiXuhZ2WBMWwpffHL?si=WSovM8IcSQKotp1roXBEMw&dl_branch=1 



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