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Video Premiere: Anya Hinkle “Eden and Her Borderlands”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Anya Hinkle’s song “Eden and Her Borderlands,” the title track from her forthcoming album.  Eden and Her Borderlands was produced by Jon Weisberger; engineered, mixed and mastered by Clay Miller and Van Atkins  at Crossroads Studios in Arden, NC. Song arrangements are courtesy of Jon Weisberger, Billy Cardine and Anya Hinkle.

“Eden and Her Borderlands” is Anya Hinkle on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Nicholas Falk on drums; Billy Cardine on dobro; Daniel Kimbro on upright bass and DaShawn Hickman on pedal steel.

The video was created by Gen Kogure and Anya Hinkle.  Hinkle has a delightful rich vocal trill that shines through every song on the album, and this one is no exception.  Listen to her lyrical tale of the innocence of childhood return. 

Eden represents the essence of life, the wholeness, innocence and perfection that is our birthright, those things that seem to get stripped away from us along our journey in life.

The past year isolated us and, despite the hardships of the pandemic, I had an opportunity to view myself and my circumstances differently. Living in uncertainty, I cancelled all my plans and lived more in the moment. I began to feel unexpectedly open and curious, like I was moving ever closer toward Eden by breaking open my heart and mind.

“Eden And Her Borderlands” begs for us to let go of our needs and desires, of hope and faith, and simply be in the wildness of each precious moment.

With the video, we tried to capture the feeling of this wild journey of approaching Eden to reclaim a sense of purity and innocence and freedom. We filmed this partly during a cross-country pandemic trek to California, and partly here at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains out of a 1972 F150 pickup. We also included live footage of the band as we laid down the track in the studio, which itself was a magical experience shared with Billy Cardine (dobro), DaShawn Hickman (pedal steel), Daniel Kimbro (bass) and Nick Falk (drums).

The song is the title track to the first record I’ve ever released under my own name. After releasing albums for over 10 years in various collaborations, this album captures the essence of my expression as a singer, songwriter and musician. I am awed by the talent and grateful for the support of all the musicians that showed up for me as I stepped out on my own. I am especially grateful to my team at Organic Records, producer Jon Weisberger and engineers Clay Miller and Van Atkins. — Anya Hinkle

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