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REVIEW: Megan & Shane “Daughter of Country”


Megan & Shane – Daughter of Country

This Wisconsin duo, based in Arizona, Megan & Shane Baskerville has invested their musical efforts in an easily digestible old country genre. With just a few pop-additives that make things more flavorful without giving listeners ear-cavities or being too rock-oriented.

The value-added is Megan’s powerhouse vocals & husband Shane’s engaging voice – quite appealing on “Leaving It All Up To You” & the equally good “Million Lives.” But Shane on the sad “Taken This Long,” is distinguished & ambitious. Excellent atmosphere musically. When Megan joins in on the vocals toward the finale it’s…it’s, well together they’re vocals are glorious. Great song.

The CD is far from contemporary country & closer in tradition to Loretta Lynn, Sandy Posey (“I Take It Back” “Single Girl”), & Reba. The duo doesn’t drench their music in nostalgia. There’s the snazzy lead guitar that snakes around Megan’s wonderfully expressive country vocals. Her pipes come close to blues singer Karen Lawrence of 1994: especially toward the end of their “Once Again,” & during “Bring It Home” Karen holds her notes with the same fire as Megan. These girls are “sisters” vocally).

True country music is alive in the highly polished “Daughter of Country.” Quite an impressive song & LP.

These are not novelty artists. They deliver the punch. Especially songs like “Alone.” If you’re nostalgic for the way country songs were sung in the 60s with modern-day heft this duo has the big slices. The 10-cut Daughter of Country (Released Sept 3-Hounds of the Baskervilles) is an LP that not only captures what makes country appealing but makes it enduring.

“Oh, Lord,” is a well-recorded performance with vintage stylizations enriched by a glossy performance. Megan could easily sing jazz, show tunes on Broadway or typically traditional country narratives in a true sense. She brings the drama with zest & never overacts.

The LP is an impressive showcase. Despite the retro feel, the duo injects power. It’s like wanting another piece of cake even though you know you’re full. Delicious on all accounts.

Megan & Shane

The band: Megan (vocal/harmonica), Shane (guitars/vocals), Chad Martin (drums), Chris Marchant (bass, mandolin), Bob Hoag (keyboards/percussion), & John Rauhouse (pedal steel). Recorded at Flying Blanket in Phoenix, AZ & produced by Bob Hoag & Shane.

Just about every song compensates the ears generously. “Scars,” is a wonderful ballad with a bracing melody, delicate lyrics & Megan sings with strength from within her soul & no showboating. “These are my scars; they are who we are.” Lovely. Quite a dynamic duo.

A bonus: Megan & Shane’s earlier EP with the relatable, sad, stunning performance on “You Saved Me.” Megan’s vocals are thrilling on this beautiful melody. This is on repeat.


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