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Song Premiere: Chris Beall “Goin’ To Sit Down”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Chris Beall‘s version of the Reverend Gary Davis’ song “Goin’ to Sit Down.” The song is from Beall’s forthcoming release Abilene, due to be available on September 10.

“Goin’ to Sit Down” is Fred Mandujano (Hayes Carll),on drums; Scott Roberts on stand-up bass (Django Walker);  and Chris Beall on acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, and all vocals.

The album was recorded at Rockpile Recording (Jayme Ivison’s studio) in Cedar Park Texas and Beallstreet Studio Austin Texas; and mixed by Pat Manske at the Zone recording studio in Dripping Springs Texas (Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely, Lloyd Maines).

This is classic and memorable song by the Reverend Gary Davis, and a lovely lilting version by Chris Beall. It’ll transport you to the banks of the river, with layers of acoustics that mimic the trickling creek.  This kind of transport is something we could all use today.

This tune is written by a pioneer of not only acoustic-blues music, but spiritual music as well: the Reverend Gary Davis. He put the two together. On all my solo albums, I include an “early” blues tune. The early stuff is folk/acoustic/blues—it’s more about the story and the “feel”, which is why I think it’s so influential to me and the music I make. (It’s not the typical “shredding” or “guitar hero” blues we are so accustomed to hearing today.) These guys were folk singers in their own way. These were the pioneers of this original style of American music, and we would not have “Americana” music today as we know it without them. Just paying homage and enjoying every minute of it! — Chris Beall

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