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Song Premiere: Sara Milonovich and Daisycutter “Last Time For Everything”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Sara Milonovich ‘s song “Last Time For Everything” from her album Northeast, due to be out on June 28. 

“Last Time For Everything” is Sara Milonovich on vocals, harmony vocal, electric fiddle;  Vibeke Saugestad on harmony vocals; Daria Grace on harmony vocals and electric bass; Boo Reiners on electric guitars; Ross Rice on organ; Greg Anderson on 6 and 12 string electric guitars, baritone and acoustic guitars; and hi-strung acoustic guitar; and Justin Guip on drums.  You may recognize Sara Milonovich from her work with Richard Shindell. 

Mortality is a constant shadowy companion, and genuinely processing death is a mysterious and difficult thing.  Let Sara Milonovich’s cathartic song about last good-byes and the perplexities of time and the human condition buoy you through your losses. 

I read an article about how wild animals like crows and elephants will gather around a deceased member of their herd or flock, and it struck me that no matter how much we try to formalize the mourning process, humans still basically do just that: mill around trying to sort out what happened, why one of the flock is suddenly gone. The gist of the song centers around various forms of loss, of looking back on time spent with friends, family, and “flock mates”, and trying to process the finality of its passing.

The metaphor of time as a river is a common one, but it’s slightly more complicated when you live on the banks of a tidal river like the Hudson. The Native Americans called the Hudson Muhheakantuck – “river that flows both ways”, and the current changes four times a day. If only time ran that way, and we could revisit the past twice a day, how differently would we appreciate things? — Sara Milonovich

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