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Video Premiere: James DiGirolamo “Top of the World”

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James DiGirolamo

Americana Highways brings you James DiGirolamo ‘s song “Top of the World” (co-written with Robby Hecht) from his forthcoming album Paper Boats. “Top of the World” was recorded by Joe Pisapia at his private studio, produced by James DiGirolamo and Lex Price, mixed by Lex Price, and mastered by Alex McCollough.

“Top of the World”  is James DiGirolamo on piano, organ, high-strung acoustic, drums and accordion; Lex Price on bass and main acoustic guitar; Joe Pisapia on electric guitar and banjo.  James DiGirolamo has penned a gentle love song about the feeling of being on top of the world, and presented it here with the subtlety it deserves. As the song survived a lightning strike power-outage at its inception, there’s clearly something of destiny about this one.  

“Top of the World” is about not taking your partner for granted, about being present in a relationship instead of sleep-walking through and eventually growing apart. It may be a figurative height that we ascend to in love, but losing it feels all too much like a literal crash. The couple in the story have come close to losing love, which is everything. The “tiny people down in that scale model town/ walking around” are a metaphor for loneliness and disconnection. I co-wrote this with Robby Hecht, singer-songwriter par excellence.When it came to designing the artwork for the song, I was looking for an image that felt just right- I landed on that of a hot air balloon. Naturally, when I made the video I had to open with a point of view shot from that balloon. It seems to say, “this is what love feels like.” Then I just dive in and sing you my hopeful-sorrow-tinged song.– James DiGirolamo 


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