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REVIEW: Tommy Emmanuel “Accomplice Series Volume 1”


Tommy Emmanuel – Accomplice Series Volume 1

If you haven’t heard of Tommy Emmanuel you should. Emmanuel is a world renowned finger style guitar picker and sought after session musician and accompanist who has shared the studios and stages with a plethora of country and bluegrass legends. Now, add Rob Ickes on dobro and Trey Hensley on acoustic guitar whose credentials mirror Emmanuel’s and you can get nothing but magic.

This self- produced acoustic instrumental EP (digital only) release is limited to 4 songs but, each is a gem in its own design.

“Copper Kettle” featuring Ickes and Hensley is a jazzy, fast moving passenger train evoking emotions of an unplugged Chet Atkins.

“Raz-Ma-Taz Polka” featuring Hensley is just that, a polka but, one the Germans wouldn’t be able to dance to. Emmanuel and Hensley tear thru it like the Tasmanian Devil and if there was ever a re-incarnation of Roy Clark, this would be it, except in duo.

“Flatt Did It” featuring Ickes and Hensley is a traditional folk/bluegrass tune that would have impressed even the great Doc Watson.

“It’s Never Too Late” featuring Ickes is a smooth ballad that has a Gordon Lightfoot feel but with a bluegrass twist.

These songs bring you back to the country that started country. If there is a drawback from this EP, it is, that it isn’t long enough and it begs for more.

If you are a fan of Emmanuel, Ickes, or Hensley, you won’t be disappointed. And, if you have never heard of them but like the sound of real acoustic country/bluegrass you won’t be disappointed either.

The EP can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, or Emmanuel’s home page,

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