Song Premiere: Annie Keating “Kindred Spirit”

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photo credited to Ehud Lazin

Americana Highways is hosting this exclusive premiere of Annie Keating’s song “Kindred Spirit” from her forthcoming album Bristol County Tides. The song will be available on April 30 and the album will be out June 4. Bristol County Tides was produced by Teddy Kumpel (Joe Jackson).

“Kindred Spirit” is Annie Keating on vocals and acoustic guitar; Steve Williams (David Byrne) on drums and percussion; Todd Caldwell (CSN) on organ and piano; Teddy Kumpel on guitar; and Rick Hammond (Marshall Crenshaw) on bass.

This is a heavy hitting, genuine love song, the sultry husky kind that gives you renewed hope after you’ve resolved there’s none.  Anne Keating has gritty husky vocals that lend instant credibility to anything she sings. Her songwriting is deep and heavy hitting, and the production and arrangement is bright, without anyone stepping on anyone else’s toes.  Press play!

Rarely in life, one comes across a kindred spirit – a person with whom one finds a deep and instant connection with echoes of both the past and present. During the pandemic, I left the city and relocated to coastal Massachusetts. There, I was lucky to meet such a person, who showed us kindness and connection in a time of isolation. He taught me and my kids about the tides, I got a boat and he showed us up the river, while my dog learned to swim and my boy learned to fish. We find joy in times of pandemic hardship and uncertainty through the power of human connection. This song is about that connection. — Annie Keating

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