Song Premiere: Billy Edwin “The Road”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Billy Edwin’s song “The Road,” the lead track from his EP Life is Short, to be released May 1.  Life is Short was produced, tracked and engineered by Billy Edwin; mixed and mastered by Rich McCulley at Red Hill Recordings, El Paso.  Rich McCulley also contributed to the engineering and production of the record. The album sports original art by Jared Gaines.

“The Road,” inspired by Cormac McCarthy, is Billy Edwin on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, and bass;  Rich McCulley (Stash) on lead guitar; Amy Aileen Wood (Fiona Apple) on drums; and Phil Parlapiano (John Prine) on piano and organ

Enjoy the song as it gently rolls out and enters twists and turns, just like life.  “When it all comes crashing down.  … If you miss, you might drown …  if you miss, you’re stuck in that town.”  Heed Billy Edwin’s anthemic call to keep an eye out for life’s opportunities and cling to them when they come, in this rock ‘n roll euphoria song.

I was reading Cormac McCarthy’s brilliant novel of the same title and talking with a friend about how the book was so connected to our own lives as we navigate The Road of life as parents, children, partners, teachers, and of course, artists. I was struggling at the time with some decisions in my own life and wrote the song about the anxiety of making tough decisions when no perfect options are presented. It also touches on the tough decisions to move on and move away from toxic situations and the loss we still feel even when we know we made the correct decision. — Billy Edwin

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