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Song Premiere: Jack Grace Band “Broken Melody”

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Americans Highways is pleased to host this premiere of Jack Grace Band’s song “Broken Melody” from their forthcoming album, What a Way to Spend the Night, due to be released on June 25.  The song will be available on April 23.  What a Way to Spend the Night was produced by Jack Grace and Tom Bainbridge; recorded at White Lion Studio, UK; engineered and mixed by Tom Bainbridge; and mastered by Pete Weiss, Verdant Studios. Horn arrangements on the song are courtesy of Bill Malchow.

“Broken Melody” is Jack Grace on vocals, guitar, slide, and harmonica; Fabian Bonner on bass;  Ian Griffith on drums and percussion; Bill Malchow on piano, organ, Rhodes, and accordion; and the Broken Mariachi Horns: J Walter Hawkes on trombone and Chris Lucca on trumpet.  Jack Grace Band captures a universal mood with his music that feels global. 

“Broken Melody” is the song you hate to have the experience to write, but it definitely feels good to have written it. The number has an unusual form that initially baffled a few players to learn. I call it “the divorce song. But it’s more about moving on while holding on to what was good than about the actual incision. I got choked up when Bill Malchow’s beautiful horn arrangement entered the mix. — Jack Grace 

Find the music for your very own, here: https://jackgraceband.bandcamp.com/



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