REVIEW: Left “Unsupervised,” Joe & the Feels’ Debut Shines

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4/5 Stars – Joe & The Feels debut album Unsupervised (out today on Out Of The Past Music) with superb production from Jason Weinheimer (Fellowship Hall Sound), hits on all the best vibes from the 90’s and the early 00’s.

The opening track “Beef” is a chiming combination of Brighten The Corners era Pavement and Don’t Tell A Soul era Replacements. With vocalist Joe Yoders’ charming warble I ask myself is this Stephen Westerberg or Paul Malkmus?

Layers of pianos, horns and synthesizers on “Concrete Sofas” dives headfirst into Old 97’s territory, hitting a easy saunter with the big and very singable chorus.

The exploding track “Lifeline” even slides into the world of Brit Pop.

Unsupervised is a great cohesive collection

Joe & The Feels formed right before the COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent shutdown. The band decided to use this uncertain and toiling time to jump into the recording studio. The result, the uplifting Unsupervised, seems to be the much needed bright light at the end of the tunnel.

“I like to think of these songs as the musical equivalent of a good cry, a lively cheer, and a warm bearded hug,” says Yoder.

Yes they are Mr. Yoder. Continue on kind sir. I look forward to being able to see these songs performed on the big stage.

Find their album here:​  Here is a live version of “Beef” shot at Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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