Song Premiere: Turner Cody and The Soldiers of Love “Telling Stories”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Turner Cody and The Soldiers of Love’s song “Telling Stories,” from their new album due out on June 4, 2021 on Belgian label and music collective Capitane Records.  Friends in High Places was produced by Nicolas Michaux.

“Telling Stories” is Turner Cody on vocals;  Clément Nourry on lead guitar;  Morgan Vigilante on drums; Ted Clark on bass; and Nicolas Michaux on guitar and keys.  This music communicates clearly and hits the nail on the head, with its Mark Knopfler overtones and earnest delivery.

It’s a rare thing when your recording sounds just like what you’d imagined, but we somehow made that happen with “Telling Stories”. For years I’d wanted to capture that clean, early ’80s, Dire Straits feeling but somehow also bring it down to earth, add some Lou Reed into it or something. I’d been saving this tune for the just right moment when I knew I could nail it. Thanks to Nicolas Michaux and the Soldiers of Love we were able to. It’s hard to emulate a style as unique as someone like Mark Knopfler without parodying it, but Clément Nourry is such a tasteful player, with such a resonant musical voice, that he really made it work. For me, his solo steals the show. Doing this vocal track was about as much fun as I’ve ever had singing. The mood and groove were so great that it made my job easy. — Turner Cody

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