REVIEW: Hey, King! Dazzles And Captivates In Emotion Filled Debut


Of all the debut albums you are likely to hear this year you will be hard-pressed to find one that is equal in magnificence to the eponymous release from the Americana duo Hey King!, produced by Ben Harper, which just dropped this past Friday on April 2 .
Beginning with the soaring and intense opening song “Beautiful” and carrying all the way through to the moving and poignant closing number “Holy”, the songwriting and singing tandem of Natalie London and Taylor Plecity dazzle the listener with their musical and lyrical creations and mesmerizing voices in ways that will have you not only singing along with them after repeated listens, but pondering along with them about love and relationships as well.
The eleven songs on the album all focus, in various ways, on affairs of the human heart and the desire to experience life in all of its emotional splendor and beauty even in the midst of the pain and heartbreak that life brings and are all simply brilliant in their own diverse ways.
Besides the two aforementioned songs, other highlights on this sparkling life and love affirming collection include the blazing and anthemic “Road Rage” (which has a not to be missed fan video which I included below), the cooly intense and jazz-inspired “Walk,” the effusive and evocative “Don’t Let Me Get Away” and the exuberant and inspirational “Get Up”.
Sounding like an alt-infused supercharged combination of Lucinda Williams and the Indigo Girls intent on telling all of us about our inherent self worth and worthiness to be loved, this stunning debut album by these two supremely talented women instantly vaults the duo to the heights of all women performing in Americana music right now.
Yes, it’s that good. Listen to it yourself dear readers and listeners and I believe you’ll agree.
Hey, King! by Hey, King! (ANTI-Records) is now available on their website.

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