Video Premiere: John Magnuson “Did You Ever Really Go?”

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Americana Highways is pleased to host this premiere of the Carpetbaggers’ John Magnuson’s song “Did You Ever Really Go?” from his forthcoming album Barely Noticeable. Barely Noticeable was produced, engineered and mixed by Mark Stockert at Underwood Recording Studio (Minneapolis, MN) with assistance by Ian Nygaard.  It was mastered byTom Garneau.

“Did You Ever Really Go?” was written by John Magnuson.  The personnel on the track are John Magnuson on rhythm guitar and vocals; Peter Anderson on drums; Paul Bergen on electric guitar, and Stephen Murrayon bass.

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Ilia Stockert This is a creative video with clay figure animation.  Very sharp!  The song has an irresistible southern country rock vibe, the kind that motivates you all the way to your toes.  Check it out!

The song was written a long time ago. When I first started listening — really listening — to late 50s/early 60s Country (which was The Carpetbaggers’ specialty), I was really impressed with the lyrics of a lot of the songs. “Mean Eyed Cat” by Johnny Cash, for example. The words are kind of surreal, but still masterfully rooted in traditional Country lingo. I wanted to try my hand at that kind of song. “Did You Ever Really Go?” is what I came up with. A few months ago, I started talking with Twin Cities artist Ilia Stockert about a possible video, and was intrigued by her stop-motion claymation idea for this one. 6,000 photos and many editing hours later…I think the video is super cool! I don’t know what I did to deserve such a first-class video for a song of mine, but I hope I keep doing it, whatever it is. Thank you, Ilia! — John Magnuson

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