Video Premiere: Christopher Mark Jones “Caravan”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Christopher Mark Jones’ song “Caravan,” from his forthcoming from his album, Looking for the Light, which will have a radio add date of April 6. Looking for the Light was engineered, mixed and mastered by Christopher Mark Jones at Studio 256 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Caravan” is Christopher Mark Jones on songwriting, acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Jim Spears on bass; Steve Delach on electric guitar; Skip Sanders on organ; Joey Waslousky on drums and Guy Russo on vocal harmonies.

The video footage is courtesy of Christopher Mark Jones and Linda Benedict-Jones, with video editing by Christopher Mark Jones. Juxtaposing moving video footage with the performance of this moving song, Christopher Mark Jones delivers a raw, direct, eye-opening vision of the harsh but all-too-real situation of human beings desperate simply for a livable life.  The shocking scenes, the heart-wrenching talk, and lines like “I want to live to be a man” are the humanity of Christopher Mark Jones’ observations. 

I had written a song about Mexican immigrants called “Miguel y Celestina” for my 2014 release Atlantica, which contained the line “they loved where they came from, but had nothing to lose” referring generally to the history of immigration to America. The caravan phenomenon from Central America that developed in the 2010s seemed to be of a different nature, often involving a flight from traumatic violence, and not just poverty. The song “Caravan” is an attempt to tell the personal story of a young man who witnessed such violence in his own family in El Salavador and resolved to travel to the U.S. to escape it and begin a new life. — Christopher Mark Jones

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