Song Premiere with Interview: Sonja Midtune “Los Angeles”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Sonja Midtune’s song “Los Angeles,” with interview, from her forthcoming EP Dreams Melt Away, due to be available on April 2.  Dreams Melt Away was produced and engineered by Justin Glasco; mixed by Ryan Lipman and mastered by Hans DeKline.

“Los Angeles” was written by Sonja Midtune and Katie Ferrara; and is Sonja Midtune on lead and background vocals and acoustic guitar; Brandon Walters on electric guitar; Justin Glasco on drums, bass, keys and effects.

We had a chance to chat briefly with Sonja Midtune. Read our conversation here and then listen to the song premiere just beneath the interview.

Americana Highways: What inspired you to write this song?

SM: The first verse just came out; I didn’t edit it at all. I guess I was just thinking about my boyfriend and how he takes care of so many people, including me, and never seems to have a bad day. He’s from Los Angeles and has really shown me around the last four years. After I wrote that first verse, I got stuck. When my friend and fellow artist, Katie Ferrara, came over to write a song, we took that idea and finished it.

AH: How were you hoping to have this song sound? Did you achieve that? What are your favorite parts of the song and why?

SM: I had imagined it sounding a little “sadder,” but I’m more than happy with how it turned out! I have a tendency to slow things down since I usually play live with just acoustic guitar, but working with Justin Glasco helped me get out of my habits. I just really love the lyrics, they’re fun to sing and are just so genuine. I feel so seen.

AH: How much has living in LA influenced the music that you make? What influence has it had?

SM: It’s influenced me so much! I’m in the singer-songwriter “scene” here and tend to write for my scene. I think being in L.A. really opens your eyes to all the talent out there. You might not see that in the same quantities in other cities. I think it makes me push harder, and get defeated more easily, but the community has ultimately inspired me to keep striving. The song “Los Angeles” hints at how the city makes me feel: lost.

AH: What do you hope listeners take away from hearing this song? How about from listening to the whole EP?

SM: I hope it really brings a smile to their face. The few friends that have heard it end up dancing around the room. It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser! As the last song on the EP, it really brings in some playfulness and fun after a journey deep into my memories with the previous song, “Pretty Please.”

On the indie folk edge of the Americana music amalgam, Sonja Midtune will beguile you with her carefree style.  Check it out!

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