Song Premiere: Aster Rhys “Persephone”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Aster Rhys’ song “Persephone” from her forthcoming album MÆTA, due to be available in April. The album MÆTA is a healing creation, emerging from a time when the rug was pulled out from under. MÆTA was engineered by Josh Wiechmann.  “Persephone” is Aster Rhys on guitar and vocals, and Christian Sands on cello.

According to Rhys: ““Persephone” speaks to a goddess abducted, to the break that comes with moving from girlhood to womanhood through a relationship; what seems beautiful may actually reveal itself to be a deception.”   This album is a heady folk album revisioning Greek mythology and archetypes of the feminine experience done with contemporary passion.  Her lyrics offer an image of a captive Persephone, which translate as a metaphor for life itself:

I was given a pomegranate seed
And so I was deceived
I was promised a palace
Not this drudgery

‘Persephone’ is also the story of a woman, any woman, who’s trapped by pomegranate promises–the kind that present themselves as peace, but in reality, they’re just poison. Don’t take the poison. — Aster Rhys

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