The Art Inside the Craft: Sanya N’Kanta

Listen & Watch Video: Art Inside the Craft

This episode of The Art Inside the Craft features singer songwriter, Sanya N’Kanta. Sanya is a Jamaican born singer songwriter that writes about the world around him as he draws on his experiences growing up in the United States while never losing touch with his Jamaican roots. His newest EP release, These are the Days, is available now and his song “Waste My Time” from that EP is featured through out the video.

The Art Inside the Craft is an exploration into the creative process of individuals who not only have a physical craft that they work, but also an art: the “expression of human creative skill and imagination.” It’s an exploration of how the art affects the physical product. The symbiotic relationship between the physical act of creating, and the artistic way in which an individual interjects unique and subtle elements into that creation is absolutely fascinating. My own desires to understand, and apply what these artisans have captured, has led me to this new video series.

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