Song Premiere: Jesse Brewster “Bitter Pill”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jesse Brewster’s song “Bitter Pill” from his forthcoming album The Lonely Pines, due to be available on March 5.  The record was produced by Jesse Brewster and Gawain Mathews; recorded and mixed by Gawain Mathews.

“Bitter Pill” is Jesse Brewster on baritone guitar, vocals, and percussion; and Gawain Matthews on acoustic guitar, upright bass, piano, and dobro. Jesse is hosting a livestream record release concert March 6th on FB live. More info is here:

In a lovely waltz, you’ll be instantly transported to the dance floor with this shuffley breakup song from Jesse Brewster.

“Bitter Pill” is one of those songs that for the most part wrote itself, which is always satisfying. The imagery to me was clear; a Gold Rush era saloon probably not too far from here (Northern CA), with a piano player in suspenders pecking out this little ditty about losing his girl, but knowing it was for the best. — Jesse Brewster

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