Song Premiere: Reece Sullivan “Pretty Carry”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Reece Sullivan’s song “Pretty Carry” from his forthcoming album Middle Sea, due to be available on April 2.  Middle Sea was recorded and mixed by Justin Broussard, and mastered by Justin Weis.

“Pretty Carry” is Jim McGee on electric guitar; Justin Broussard on bass; Matt Cobb on drums; Ben Harrington on trombone and Reece Sullivan on organ and piano.  With a Baton Rouge bluesy swing set to a reggae beat, Reece Sullivan supplies delightfully layered music.

I wrote ‘Pretty Carry’ 17 years ago when I was 29 years old living in Little Rock near the Governor’s Mansion. It was during a phase where I was trying to improve my craft significantly and I’m proud of the effort with this song. I showed this to my band in Lafayette and, if I remember correct, we played what’s heard on a first take. I played it recently for my thirteen year-old son. He asked who did the laughing in the background on the track and said that it sounded like an old man. I told him it was me. — Reece Sullivan


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