Video Premiere: David Jameson “Tall Dark Pines”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of David Jameson’s song “Tall Dark Pines,” which is to be featured on his upcoming debut album set to be released later this year. The video, which features Jameson playing the tune stripped down on his acoustic guitar, was recorded in Charleston, West Virginia by John Price for the social media outlet RadioWV. “Tall Dark Pines” is a hauntingly arresting murder ballad brought to life through the use of melodic storytelling, evocative lyricism and minimal instrumentation. Keeping up with the oral tradition from which the subgenre began, “Tall Dark Pines” relays the true story of a murder that took place in Jameson’s hometown of South Bend, Indiana.

With “Tall Dark Pines,” Jameson has solidified himself, not only as a brilliant folk musician, but as a master writer and storyteller, propelling a significant folk tradition into the modern era. Check out the music video for “Tall Dark Pines” below, and be on the lookout for Jameson’s debut album dropping later this year.

Growing up in Indiana, I always heard about Terre Haute, and the federal prison that is based there. When my family came home on the day of that murder, they mentioned it to me before the news had even picked up the story. In such a small community, I immediately felt impacted by it. The story moved me to write a song about it. Many of the traditional murder ballads, like ‘Tom Dooley’ for example, were based on real events, and this is one that came about in the same way. – David Jameson


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