REVIEW: Buzzy Lee’s “Spoiled Love” is Dreamscape


Buzzy Lee’s Spoiled Love, released January 29 via Future Classic, ruminates on love, loss, and the ever stranger times and places that mark life’s journey. Buzzy Lee is the recording moniker of Los Angeles based musician Sasha Spielberg. Spoiled Love, her recording debut, is the result of a collaboration with her long time musical partner, producer Nicholas Jaar.
Electric piano and Lee’s beguiling vocal color this release with the warmth of winter blanket. Subtle electronic beats augment the dreamscape Lee wraps us in.

Album highlights include the mood building lead track “Spoiled Love,” the dark “Strange Town,” the examination to toxic relationships “What Has a Man Done,” and the borderline dancehall groove “High On You.” Upon first pass, production seems to hide Lee’s vocals in the midst of sonic fog. But it is this game of sonic hide and seek that ultimate draws the listener deeper into the moment and lyrical prowess of Lee.

“Spoiled love you’re bad for me, never tired, always hungry…you probably knew I’d do anything for you,” entombs Lee as the scene is set for the “Spoiled Love” to be autopsied throughout the rest of this collection. “Strange Town” rolls with the self-assured walk of a confident women regaining her days. “I go where nobody goes,” she sings with renewed attitude embracing her voices depth before bouncing to the higher end of her range for reflective lyrical passes.

“What Has a Man Done” directly addresses toxic relationships. In doing so, Lee pulls no punches as she sings, “tell me what’s a man done, but try to toughen me up, tell me what’s a man done, but try to take me out,…and don’t you know I can’t ever win, and don’t you know it comes from within”. “High on You” rides on a deceptively dark bounce. “You’ve been gone for a minute, and I’ve tried to give up on you…using ever part of you to lift me off the ground,” Lee sings as she examines the pull of codependency.

Soft-touch production and precisely places flourishes provide Buzzy Lee with the perfect launching pad for exploring her lyrical prowess – a mix of the heartfelt and the sarcastic – and vocal dynamism – a range to be envied. Spoiled Love announces the arrival of a fully formed artist: sure of herself, a master of her craft, and hopefully a fixture in the American sonic landscape for some time to come. Scoop a copy of Buzzy Lee’s Spoiled Love today; a therapy session never sounded so enticing.

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