Video Premiere: Joselyn and Don “Wayfarer’s Son”

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Americana Highways hereby serves up this video premiere of Joselyn and Don’s song “Wayfarer’s Son” from their album.   .  produced, recorded and mixed by Don Barrozo at the Garden Studio; mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering.

Music and lyrics for the album are courtesy of Joselyn Wilkinson and Don Barrozo. On the album version of the song, you’ll hear Eliza Jane Schneider on violin and backing vocals.

The video was directed and shot by Spencer Wilkinson, documentary filmmaker (One Voice, Alice Street).  It features Joselyn Wilkinson on lead vocals and ukulele, and Don Barrozo on guitar.  (On the album version of the song, you’ll hear Eliza Jane Schneider on violin and backing vocals and Don Barrozo on drums too.)

In a stunning mountainside setting, the video brings the song to life in all its splendor. “Wayfarer’s Son” is a tale of responsibility and commitment, made beautiful by the duo’s fluid style.

It seems fitting that we shot this video on a piece of land that the community of Cambria in Central California fought long and hard for to preserve. “Wayfarer’s Son” is a classic folk story song, where the singer realizes that the way she lives and the things she wants are affecting the world around her. I feel like we’re all taking this journey in our own way. This year in quarantine has provided an amazing opportunity to look within, and really see our own lives in relationship to social justice and climate change. We decided to release our album this year, and to shoot our videos in beautiful places in nature, because that is what inspires us most deeply, and it’s what we want to protect. We got to collaborate with my brother, Spencer Wilkinson, who is a great documentary filmmaker, on the videos. It’s been inspiring to see our music through his eyes, and watch the songs take on a new life. This will be the first in a new series of live music videos called “Music from Wild Places” that we hope can bring attention to our public lands and the protection they need. — Joselyn and Don




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