Song Premiere: Scot Sax’s “Thomas Edison”

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Americana Highways bring you this premiere of Scot Sax’s song “Thomas Edison,” available on January 8, David Bowie’s birthday. The song’s words and music are by Scot Sax; the song was also produced by Scot Sax and mixed by Goffrey Moore.

“Thomas Edison” is Scot Sax on vocals, drums, guitar and keys; Mark Getten on bass; Godfrey Moore on additional guitar; Mariel Beaumont on Rhodes and backing vocals; and John Pfiffner on slide guitar and backing vocals.

You’ll hear the voices of our collective unconscious on this latest by Scot Sax.  There’s no better time than this moment right now to be grateful for the comforts we do have, some of which are courtesy of “Thomas Edison.” 

The artists that I hold close to my heart and am influenced by, everyone from Miranda July to David Bowie to The Beatles and Dylan, I went even deeper into this past year. I feel like I needed that grounding more than seeking new music. I needed them more than ever, I guess the way one might grab the essentials from a burning house. This track, musically, is a result of that. And lyrically, it’s the realization that as weird as you might think you are, there’s a pill for it somewhere. And about finding peace with being who you are and being ok with not being who you wanted to be. All that stuff. “It’s ok” maybe should be the title, ha. — Scot Sax

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