Interview: Behind The Board – Best of 2020 – With Sam Patlove from Bud’s Recording Services

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“Behind The Board”: Getting down and dirty with those responsible for making the records we love.

This week we are in the studio with Sam Patlove; owner, producer, and engineer at Bud’s Recording Services and Bud’s Presents #Live And Direct in Austin TX.

(Greyhounds – ‘Primates’ / Erika Wennerstrom – ‘A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt’ / Golden Dawn Arkestra – ‘Darkness Falls On The Edge Of Time’ / Tomar and the FC’s – ‘Rise Above’ / Patrick Sweany – ‘Get That Feeling Vol 1’ / Tameca Jones – ‘Let Me Be’ were all recorded at Bud’s Recording Services in 2020)

Americana Highways: Hey Sam, How did Bud’s Presents #Live and Direct come to be?

Sam Patlove: During the months of March through early June 2020, I was watching musicians put out live streams, primarily using the camera and microphone on a smartphone. I was also contemplating whether or not a recording studio could survive in this new world. It occurred to me that I could offer I high quality live stream experience, with an “audio first” mentality, and a multi-camera setup. My partner at Bud’s, Andrew Trube of the band Greyhounds, called me in late June. Greyhounds had some requests coming in for live streams, so we decided to cautiously meet up and start to figure it out. After a steep learning curve and throwing some money at it, we landed on a video setup and a protocol that felt safe for us and the bands.

Since late June, we have aired over 34 shows, with tens of thousands of views, and thousands of dollars in tips for the bands. The response from both fans and the artists has been very positive, as good sound is not only something that lacks in a 2020 livestream, but even in the world of live venue sound (remember that?).

AH: What makes Bud’s #Live and Direct stand out from other live streams?

SP: I started with a “sound is king” approach. In other words, it has to sound good and be as true as possible to how that band/artist wants to sound. A recording studio is of course the best place to do this, and since it’s a live mix, especially one with a lot of analog gear. Bud’s is a fully hybrid studio, so when I do live streams, it’s an analog mix through the console with inserted EQs, compressors, etc.

AH: Can you tell us about some of your favorite moments from 2020 at Bud’s Recording Services?

SP: Well, there was a lot less record making in 2020, outside of the first few months. Some of my favorite Live & Direct streams that we had in were Tomar and the FCs, Doug Strahan, Jonathan Terrell, Motenko, and Greyhounds.

AH: What are you most excited about in 2021 ?

SP: As a human, I’m hoping for more unity and understanding of our commonality.

As a studio owner, I’m hoping to get a new console…..

As somebody in the music industry, I hope people can tour again, and I look forward to more innovation that continues to put more power and profits into the hands of artists.

AH: Thanks for putting together this killer Best of 2020 Spotify Playlist.

AH: Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose these specific songs?

Wildfires by Sault – This is a band I discovered about 2 years ago. Initially I couldn’t find any info on them….which was kind of cool. Now I know they are from the UK. Pretty much everything by them is great.

Fine Time by Tomar and the FCs – This is off a great record I mixed at Bud’s as well as recording some overdubs, released this year

Primates by Greyhounds – This is the title track off their new record, produced by Steve Berlin and tracked by me here at Bud’s

YOU SO DONE by Noga Erez – Just heard this song yesterday

Danni Gets a Piece of the Action…. by Popecoke – This is the first track off and album I played on, mixed, and mastered here at Bud’s. This project is a collab between myself, Tim Crane (aka Jank Sinatra), Jazz Mills, and Stephanie Hunt (Buffalo Hunt)

Revolution by Heartless Bastards – Love this tune

Julius What’s His Name by Jank Sinatra – My old band, T Bird and the Breaks was fronted by my good friend Tim. This is off his solo album, Rumble Junk and Talky Pop, which I tracked, played on, mixed, and mastered.

The Thief by Motenko – This is off Motenko’s debut EP, recorded and mixed by me here at Bud’s….one of my favs of this year

Colors by Black Pumas – Technically from 2019, but who’s counting? Adrian has been a good friend for awhile, and I’m very proud of what he’s done with Eric to make Black Pumas. A few vocal and piano overdubs were done by me at Bud’s for this album.

Blood of Royalty by Golden Dawn Arkestra – Also from late 2019…..This song was written by good friend Anthony Farrell (Greyhounds), and tracked and mixed by me at Bud’s

Brownie by Brownout – Brownout has been one of my favorite Austin bands since I moved here in 2007, and they are good friends. This new record was also produced by Steve Berlin

Stay High by Brittany Howard – Love Alabama Shakes, love her solo stuff

bury a friend by Billie Eilish – This song of her’s stuck out to me and gets stuck in my head….sorry, also 2019

Shameika by Fiona Apple – This song is awesome

Be Here to Love Me by Erika Wennerstrom – Also 2019….. Erika (Heartless Bastards) came in to record this Townes Van Zandt cover with me, and she killed it. Mixed by Danny Reich

One Thing by Patrick Sweany – This was recorded by me at Bud’s, all on 8 track 1/2″ tape

Time (You and I) by Kruangbin – Love this new record

No Diggity by T Bird and the Breaks – This was my band for about 9 years. This song we recorded after asking our fans to vote on a cover for us to do, was only released on bandcamp in 2013. It was recently released on a vinyl compilation by a German label

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