Song Premiere: James Stephen “I Missed That Train”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of James Stephen’s song “I Missed That Train” from his forthcoming album Til It Comes Around Again, set to be available on December 24.  The album was recorded and mixed by Mike Gardner at Bungalow Digital and mastered by Greg Chiche at Spirit Studios. 

“I Missed That Train” is James Stephen on lead vocals and guitars, with Kevin Daniel and Lorena Leigh on backing vocals.  You’ll be drawn in initially by a bright production quality and a hushed tone, but James Stephen’s heartfelt songwriting and  emotional vocals are what will compel you to stay.   Listen with your first cup of coffee and it’ll set your whole day in the right direction. 

“I Missed That Train” is my ode to the legendary soul artists of the past, exploring themes of missed opportunities but also realising that not all missed opportunities were going to be good, and those opportunities sometimes reappear. Sam Cooke-tinged Americana! — James Stephen 

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