Video Premiere: David Burchfield “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of David Burchfield’s song “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy,” from his recent release State to State, produced by Joshua James.

This live version of “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy” features David Burchfield on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, and Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose on lead guitar & backing vocals.

The video was produced by Daniel Herman of Mineral Sound. Live from an easy listening room, this song creates instant chills — the good kind.  David Burchfield has that songwriting style that’ll make you sing along already from the first verse.  “Oh I know, it ain’t gonna be easy.” 

I wrote “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy” on a trip home for the holidays. I had a very happy childhood and many good friends still in my hometown, but I was feeling kinda overwhelmed by the weight of nostalgia and past versions of myself being there at that moment. I thought about one of my oldest friends whose path has been a lot like mine—leaving Kansas City to chase mountain adventures out West. Back in high school we played music together sometimes, including writing an unfinished song with these same chorus lyrics. Sitting in my childhood bedroom a decade later, it all came together around this ode to old friends, expectation and freedom—holding the tension in our relationships between honoring who someone has been in the past while giving them the freedom to grow and change.

Making this video was a really special night—I was finishing off a busy year of touring with my duomate Sam Armstrong-Zickefoose in our adoptive homebase of Denver. We packed into this old chapel in Cap Hill with loads of friends and family and lit as many candles as we could. It always feels good to play for a hometown audience — David Burchfield

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