Song Premiere: Szlachetka “Cutting the Firelines”

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Behold Americana Highways‘ premiere of Szlachetka’s song “Cutting The Firelines,” co-written with Mando Saenz.  This song, which will be available on Friday, is from Szlachetka’s upcoming album Young Heart, Old Soul. Young Heart, Old Soul was produced by Scott Underwood (Train); engineered by Scott Underwood & Yihan Wei; mixed by Yihan Wei; recorded at Blackbird Studio A & Thunderwood Sound; and mastered by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering with vinyl mastering by Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl in Memphis.

“Cutting The Firelines” is Matthew Szlachetka on vocals, electric and baritone guitars; Scott Underwood on drums and percussion; Christian Wood on electric bass; Jimmy Wallace on Fender Rhodes and organ; and Sarah Aili on vocals.  With the increasing frequency of Western wildfires, the mining of the metaphors here by Szlachetka rings truer than ever in our collective unconscious.  This song, like many of Szlachetka’s others, cultivates a sense of mourning that manifests as cathartic relief.  

It was Oct of 2018 and I was on a walk with a good friend along the Sacramento River and he was pointing out the path of the fire and all of the “firelines” that were cut by firefighters to try and stop burning. The phrase “cutting the firelines” came to me and I wrote everything down and took the idea to my good friend and collaborator Mando Saenz. I wanted to touch on the aspect that we as a society have to start “cutting the firelines” in order to come back together and mend the division that has been tearing us apart. The feeling of unity and community is something that I really want to put out into the world right now because I think we need as much positive energy and messaging as possible. — Szlachetka

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