Song Premiere: Ashleigh Still “Not F*ckin’ Around”

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Americana Highways is pleased to present this premiere of Ashleigh Still’s song “Not F*ckin’ Around,” recorded at Suburban Serenade, produced and engineered by Jon Herchert, mixed by Dark Pony.

“Not F*ckin’ Around” is Ashleigh Still on acoustic guitar and vocals;  Jon Herchert on electric guitar, keyboards, and percussion; David J Russ on drums and Ian Allison on bass. It’s super empowering to wrap a powerful message in an alluring folk package. And freewheelin’ on an open road is where we all want to be.  Brava to Ashleigh Still for capturing what we all feel right now on this one. 

I’ve spent most of my life stepping aside, apologizing, bowing down, bowing out, shutting up, keeping my mouth shut, deferring to the man in the room, abiding by B.S. rules that really don’t serve anyone. I’m not fuckin’ around anymore. — Ashleigh Still 



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